n29br kytdh 7s8hy 37srh n38zy zet8z 7kh7r 3f9hi he4en k7h5i sear5 za8d9 yai67 3yd36 n89ed ns92h hdriy h7yea t4b6z 8tfbf areaz Why exactly did they kill Christian? Am I missing something? |

Why exactly did they kill Christian? Am I missing something?

2022.01.28 14:15 kasitchi Why exactly did they kill Christian? Am I missing something?

Like, each of his friends were killed for various reasons, like as a punishment. But I don't see what Christian did to piss the cult off. I know he wasn't a great guy, I'm just not understanding why he was killed. Am I missing something here?
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2022.01.28 14:15 HedgeFundHyenas 🔴FINAL Pre-Launch Hedge Fund Hyenas NFT Giveaway! 🔼 Upvote & Drop your wallet 😍 Launch is at 5:00PM EST 📈

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2022.01.28 14:15 rebatopepin O samba que mais importa desse carnaval

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2022.01.28 14:15 globeworldmap Laboratory Greece (2019) - An economic, political, sociological look through the history of Greece's debt problems, deficit, and financial crisis.

Laboratory Greece (2019) - An economic, political, sociological look through the history of Greece's debt problems, deficit, and financial crisis. submitted by globeworldmap to BreadTube [link] [comments]

2022.01.28 14:15 BeenWatching3 Recertification for IDRs will be 6 months after repayment resumes

"According to the GAO," borrowers with loans in an Income-Driven Repayment plan will not be required to recertification their current income and family size for six months the after repayment resumes," regardless of when their usual annual recertification date is."
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2022.01.28 14:15 illusions_____ THEY PYT BEIJING CORN IN AKINATOR

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2022.01.28 14:15 timmehx23 U.S. has approached Hungary about temporary deployment of U.S. troops -Hungarian Foreign Minister

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2022.01.28 14:15 kbdowner3 Went out to Hawaii and got to have this Porsche 718 Cayman GTS while I was there. What an amazing car!

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2022.01.28 14:15 Lol33ta The Alliance by Chris Ostrowski

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2022.01.28 14:15 Tqrqsenko World of Chel error

I know this is a HUT sub but its obviously NHL player base regardless.
Ever since this new update I haven't been able to get into WoC, I keep receiving errors whenever I try to launch it
Has anyone else had this problem, if so, how did you fix it?
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2022.01.28 14:15 kdawg22x Boromir’s Revenge

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2022.01.28 14:15 bigkbull [WTS] Montblanc Meisterstück 149 [C]

Well, once again I took a chance with a Montblanc "medium" nib and found out that it was too broad for me. This is a catch and release for me. The good news is that I now know that I absolutely love the size and feel of this pen in my hand. I just need to find another one that has a nib better suited to my writing style. Definitely not purchasing another one without a writing sample, haha.
This Montblanc 149 has a split ebonite feed, a dual tone nib and resin threads on the piston. The piston moves smoothly. There are microscratches throughout but nothing deep. There are a couple of very minor spots of missing plating on the cap, the last picture shows off the worst offender. The other spots are very small and in the lettering. I didn't notice them until I was very closely inspecting the pen to post this. It came to me with a card from Montblanc stating that it was serviced back to level expected from Montblanc. That was dated Sept of 1997 and the person who sold it to me said "it was not inked since coming back from service" but I took that with a grain of salt. If you have any other questions please let me know.
I am looking to recoup as much as I can from what I paid for it, so asking **$475 shipped CONUS OBO**.
Please note: given the winter storm that is headed my way tomorrow I probably won't be able to get this out until Monday.
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2022.01.28 14:15 Quicknoob Looking for 3rd party Linux support recommendations similar to USCloud for Windows Server

I've done some basic googling but really didn't find anything, and felt starting with a recommendation would be the best way to solve this problem.
I am looking for a 3rd party Linux support company, similar to how USCloud is for Windows environments. We have been very happy with USCloud, they have been helpful with both support but in the planning stage regarding engineering solutions as well. They act as a "safety net" for our Windows Admins and I want to purchase a similar "safety net" service for our Linux Admins.
Would anyone have some recommendations? I don't want them to replace my Linux admins just be there as a 3rd party support option.
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2022.01.28 14:15 Retro_Richard Mr. Punch 7

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2022.01.28 14:15 shosh27 How do I customize my box?

I don’t have an email link from FFF and I don’t see a way to make my choices in the app.
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2022.01.28 14:15 chalkchick0 Mouse by Anna Radzka

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2022.01.28 14:15 gucci_joshhh Gucci Josh REACTS TO RDCWORLD1 AVATAR THE LAST HOODBENDER: EP 4

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2022.01.28 14:15 bardia20 Let's pretend every neighborhood in Houston is a person at a huge house party. What is each "person" doing?

Just saw this in the Austin Reddit and couldn't really relate (grew up in Houston) and was wondering what y'all would come up with.
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2022.01.28 14:15 prettyinpink54 Dip newbie!!

Hi all!! I've been stalking this threat for about a week now trying to figure out which liquids to buy. I've never done at home dip before but was always pretty good at regular painting my nails. I wanted to invest in decent liquids but nothing too expensive since I'm just starting (and who knows if I'Il keep up with it🤪). What are some good beginner liquids you'd recommend?
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2022.01.28 14:15 eaglecanuck101 Determination of a 4 year US degree

Hi guys so i'm working with a naeces approved credential evaluation service, but I was curious as to what determines an equivalent to a 4 year US degree. Is it the number of courses/credits taken? I ask this because even though I went to school in canada some personal issues meant I ended up at a college where we had to take 7 classes a term mandatory, and thus after 2 years they would award us a diploma and give us the option to either go into the work force, continue studying or try to do both part time(which is what I did). Therefore on my transcript it says i have both a diploma in computing as well as a bachelors degree in business admin. I'm curious as to that would suffice, because well if it doesn't i'm really scrwd for getting into any masters programs in the US. I have over 120 credits and it hasn't been an issue for me in obtaining jobs locally in canada, however college admissions are more structured and thus I don't know if ill qualify.
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2022.01.28 14:15 CicloSbirro Deianira Rosa Bernardi

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2022.01.28 14:15 Hooskbit Do screen protectors leave residue after a while?

Hello, this might sound like a noob question, but I was genuinely wondering if, a glass screen protector, would eventually leave residue around the edges of where it was, after taking it off after a while;
I recently bought a 13 Pro and that mf was expensive af, so I don't wanna risk even the slightiest bs so I threw a "mid tier", should I call it that?, screen protector from a company that also makes cases, and years ago back in the iPh 4 days, I remember that I once took off a screen protector (cheap one bought from a stand, imagine) after having it on for a few months, and it leaved a thin line around the edges of where it was, on the screen.
Anyway thx for the interest, have a nice one if you tip me about this "concern".
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2022.01.28 14:15 kryptomaster2022 Earn fast crypto in 2022

Earn fast crypto in 2022 Basically there's hype about these at last in the least 3-4 weeks, so I jumped on researching and found a way of playing those games without having to actually do deposits or some other shxt to earn crypto.

So first of all, I did some research of course.
I mean, yes you basically can always go on websites like 24kcasino to earn money while playing games. However, casino gaming may not be for
everyone and some gamers can get easily tired of playing slots and table games like poker, blackjack, or roulette.
This is where playing NFT games can come in handy When it comes to gaming, NFTs are represented as the characters, consumables, and other tradeable items in the game.
Think of your character skins and items in games like Fortnite or Call of Duty and give each of them an actual value. These traditional games don’t really allow the players to sell or trade these items for fiat currencies but in the world of NFT games, you’re completely free to do so.
However, you can only use cryptocurrencies which you can eventually trade for a fiat currency.
I've earlier tried playing Splinterlands, where you get to buy, sell, and rent out digital cards that you and other players can use to get into ranked battles. Winning a rank battle could also let players earn an in-game currency called Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) which also has real value. Currently, the DEC value is still less than a dollar but that’s how the game works. You have to grind to earn more.
In this game alone, there are multiple ways to earn money. Players can start with buying a spellbook that allows them to go on ranked battles with DEC rewards.
You don’t have to spend money on cards right away because the game has free cards that you do not own but can still use for battles. If you want a better chance of winning these battles, you can then go to the game’s market and buy cards from other players.
This game is an online, virtual bitcoin mining game where you compete against your friends to mine bitcoins. It takes the concept of bitcoin mining, but instead of the sophisticated Blockchain and processing algorithms, lets you test your skills, complete missions, undertake tasks, and play games to build your mining empire.
Basically, they have cut out the hard stuff and kept the amusement. You need to build and develop your own mining data center, make upgrades and tweaks to boost your mining power and compete with friends.
No real-world set-up, no hassle - just sign up, log in, customize your character, and you’re ready to go. You’re in complete control!
Currently, you can mine 3 different cryptocurrencies: BTC, Dogecoin, and ETH. Additionally, you can mine Tokens (RLT), an ERC-20 token that functions as the game’s native currency.
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2022.01.28 14:15 taway2416 Weird sense of taste, sense of smell completely fine. COVID maybe?

Been feeling under the weather lately but also as I usually do every year during inversion. I've had a mild cough for about 2 months, tested negative for covid 3 times since. Today I have a slight sore throat and noticed my sense of taste is a bit off. I either can't taste anything, it tastes off and a bit metallic or like i just brushed my teeth, or its just really muted. Its never constant. Ive tried a couple of different foods and drinks so far and theres varying results. I left work in case and scheduled a covid test. But I've never had this weird sense of taste thing, especially while I can smell everything just fine.
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2022.01.28 14:15 Berethor14 Quest of the Ringbearer Collection Part 8 - Strider

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