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2021.12.07 13:24 Fluid_Classroom_6932 hiii❤️ I really need some hard cock on me !Love to see you play your big dick for me 😍 kik: tributeme246 ( big dicks only )

hiii❤️ I really need some hard cock on me !Love to see you play your big dick for me 😍 kik: tributeme246 ( big dicks only ) submitted by Fluid_Classroom_6932 to Cumtributeee [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 13:24 Avocado_Express lets say i opened petya ransomware on a vm but i had shared host drives enabled

would my host get encrypted as well even tho i have secure boot
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2021.12.07 13:24 DefaultHealer Every time I have a lot to deal with during planning, I have to cover someone else’s class.

I know I work in a non-unionized state (I can’t change that). But holy bless, I can’t believe I cover multiple times a week with no extra pay. I usually have to cover freshmen classes, and they’re the WORST. They’re disrespectful. I don’t have time for this when I have so much to grade and do.
People should take their days off. They should be able to leave their classes in good hands without worrying. However, we should have substitutes and not have to cover.
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2021.12.07 13:24 Lynchs23 Is there a backpacking/camping club? If not would anyone be interested?

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2021.12.07 13:24 anarkyah What do you feel it’s important for new players to do that they might not know?

Hi! New CRK player here. As it says on the tin. As a gamer of plenty of other game, I know there’s always stuff new players miss out on because we don’t know the ropes yet, so what would your advice be? “Things I wish someone told me when I was starting” etc
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2021.12.07 13:24 ProjectPhysical8633 Happy birthday to me!!!

I know I'll never hear from him again. But I know that I'm gonna be okay. My gift to myself is to finally let go and be happy. 💖
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2021.12.07 13:24 kampotzky Mann aus Sachsen produziert und verkauft Weihnachtsschmuck mit NS-Symbolen

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2021.12.07 13:24 uhelpme11 Being stuck is getting me suicidal thoughts

I’m 22 , I was treated very badly by my own parents back then in India . I had gone away from house due to the torture and partiality from my own mom . I wanted to live freely and cared/loved. I never got the love and care . I always got yellings , taunts and then fights being a girl. They used to think about society a lot so they kept me tooooo strict . Never got me anything never showed what love is . So one fine day I went off from my house to live on my own , but with the help of cops they got me back to house . When I came to house it was more like a a cage where I had 4 Walls and no connection to world . I was locked up in my own house , I didn’t have mobile , all the mobiles where hidden , I wasn’t allowed to step out side the house . They had made up a new lock so thay I don’t go out . I wasn’t allowed to go to balcony alone , no watching tv alone . That 2 months were so horrible that I get nightmares . My mom used to fight a lot with me , taunt me , give me bad words which were worst . Blame me for everything . I had nothing or no one to talk too . Just me and the walls . On 27th September I was taken to Bahrain without my consent . They forcefully took me by threatening me and keeping me under they’re control ., they made my mental health so bad that I couldn’t digest my thinking . When my health used to go bad due to tonsil , no one was there to take me to doctor cause I’ll ask help there . Then when I came to Bahrain again the things started. They promised me that they’ll leave me out here and let me earn but sadly the same story continues here , my mom blaming me , yelling at me , giving bad words and taunts . They started blaming me that bcs of me they spent lot of money and came to Bahrain . Here I’m not allowed to go out nor talk in calls , my mobile gets checked every now and then . My mom shouts alot at me , always taunts Which mentally tortures me. She brainwashes people and make them believe that I’m wrong .My 2 younger siblings gets everything from clothes till new devices but I don’t even get a single penny of thing . I don’t ask all thay I just ask for they’re love and care and too keep me happy . But they play games behind my back . I’m 22 and I want to live my life , not be caged like this . Where I can’t talk to people nor go out . Is my life where I just get tortured from my parents ? By their bad words and mental torture . They don’t allow me to go out nor allow me to use phone much . I tried to end my life a lot of time . But I thought someone out there is there to help me out and get me out from this . If no one is there then I can’t take this anymore from my own parents . I have all the rights to live in 22 and I wanna live my life on my own . Please get me out from here . I got a job in INDIA I can look after my self . And tbh my dads intensions are not good on me . I don’t feel safe around him . Please help me out . I want to live my life I don’t want to be Tortured . Legally and law wise I can live my life on my own . My passports and my documents are all kept with them and they make reasons EVERYTIME I ask . They have hidden the passport . Please help me out i wanna go back to INDIA . I have my work and everything there . I just want to go back to INDIA but what do i do when they have my documents and passport. I just wanna go away and be happy . I want to live not be tortured for being a girl i contact the Bahrain embassy but they want to talk to my parents where they will obviously deny that they’re not torturing me . Why will I want to leave a house where I get food and shelter . If they come to know I contacted embassy my life will be ruined. Can anyone advice me
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2021.12.07 13:24 CulturalWindow Seniors, Seizures and Starsearch

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2021.12.07 13:24 Boring-Compote-2231 What emotion are you most familiar with?

For me, frustration is the emotion I am most familiar with. Anything can stress me out.
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2021.12.07 13:24 cerealdolphineater Complete list of players eligible to represent México currently playing in Europe

Translated the national teams so forgive the incorrect order.


SAUCE: https://www.goal.com/es-mx/noticias/cuales-son-todos-futbolistas-mexicanos-juegan-europa/ddi9pedq0oke1mov5m206hlqu
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2021.12.07 13:24 Haidermiz Someone might have decided first in the world that men will have short hairs and woman will have long hairs.

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2021.12.07 13:24 PeteWenzel Egyptian court releases researcher Patrick Zaki

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2021.12.07 13:24 semaphore-1842 The media has given Republicans a free pass on assaulting democracy. Democrats need to take the gloves off.

The media has given Republicans a free pass on assaulting democracy. Democrats need to take the gloves off. submitted by semaphore-1842 to democrats [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 13:24 Dark_Warrior7534 So it begins....(credit to u/Kitysune)

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2021.12.07 13:24 BranTheLegend Why’d I have to be in this sub during the u/poo_devourer arc

This sub has finally reached the lowest of the low huh
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2021.12.07 13:24 Purxic 1702 4806 5836 Druddigon Raid

Bringing 10
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2021.12.07 13:24 i-yeet-chickens im so glad shot guns arent the meta anymore

yea people who practiced for god knows how long would love this and whatever and i completly understand why they hate it but i love it, i hated box fights because if i wanted to win and have fun i must absolutely spend hundreds of hours into it to have a chance to win and it always came down to internet and ping, making a player havee to spend hours and hours and hours just to have a chance of having fun isnt great game design imo, now that box fights arent the norm anymore i can have alot of fun by playing the game normally, a small buff for them wont hurt but currently i like how things are
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2021.12.07 13:24 joker-diecast I found a nice Matchbox Set. Reason was the Cadillac Hearse. But the Jag with full details, nice. And I found a cool print on the police cruiser. It's a cool Set.

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2021.12.07 13:24 liketheglove Diamonds more common in aquifers?

Since aquifers are full of water instead of air, will diamonds not be destroyed when generating aquifers? In case you weren't aware, as of 1.18 the generation will do its best not to spawn diamonds exposed to air blocks. According to the YouTube videos I've seen, the game will spawn diamonds close to caves just so air blocks will replace them. Is this the case with aquifers too? I watched ibxtoycat's recent video on how to find diamonds after the update and he not only brought up my question, but also seemed to find a lot more underwater. I went searching earlier today and found an astounding zero diamonds in the aquifers of my world (created and generated in 1.18). Note that he plays Bedrock edition and I was on Java. Is it just my imagination or is it worth it to brew up some waterbreathing potions?
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2021.12.07 13:24 csmams @electnomics : $BBIG buyer absorbing heaving supply as noted after retraced to 2.92 to the tick - still eyes on 3.17 after a squeeze of 3.11 https://t.co/yObP7nm3O8

@electnomics : $BBIG buyer absorbing heaving supply as noted after retraced to 2.92 to the tick - still eyes on 3.17 after a squeeze of 3.11 https://t.co/yObP7nm3O8 submitted by csmams to BBIG_Analysis [link] [comments]

2021.12.07 13:24 Stormpilot747 PC requires several restarts to fully POST

So I built the following PC back in 2019:
CPU: Ryzen 2600x
Mobo: Asus X470-F gaming
Ram: Vengeance 2x8GB 3200
GPU: RTX 2070
PSU: EVGA Supernova 850w Gold

Recently, the PC has been having trouble completing the full POST process. It will require anywhere from 1 to 5 restarts in order to completely boot up. This has started randomly and I can't figure out a cause. Initially it was only 1 restart, but now its random as to how many times I have to press the restart button.
In situations where I try to trouble shoot, the PC seems to power right back up normally as if the issue was gone, but the next day, after several hours of being shut off, the problem returns and the PC must constantly be restarted to get a POST.
What happens is, the PC turns on and receives power, but gets hung up on the boot process. When this happens the White VGA debug light stays solid on the motherboard. I know this means that something could be wrong with my GPU, but I doubt that's the source. Apparently this issue can come from a bunch of different areas.
When the PC finally boots, everything runs normally and I get full performance as usual. Also I have not added new parts, moved the PC significantly beyond a dust out every half year or so, or altered the power source (same wall outlet + powerstrip since 2019)
Things I've done:
-Made sure my monitor was on before booting
-Updated to most recent BIOS and Chipset version
-Monitored values on HWinfo such as PSU, CPU and RAM, everything seems normal
-Unplugged and re-plugged displayport cable on GPU
-Disconnecting PC from powerstrip

Does anyone have any idea how to fix this issue? I have a feeling that it will only get worse with time.
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2021.12.07 13:24 mawells787 Trade in credits for switching?

Good morning,
I've been contemplating switching back to Verizon and bringing my phones over. I currently have 1 paid in full Galaxy S21 and one on bill credits with TMobile, plus an iPad on data plan. I'm on Verizon's website and it says they'll give us $800 in trade in credits per Galaxy S21 as long as we purchase a new phone at $699 or higher. Plus they'll give us $1000 ecard per line switched over. It adds up to $3600 in total credits and I feel like that sounds pretty ridiculous. Is this accurate or did I miss something? Thanks in advance.
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2021.12.07 13:24 opcoupon 48% off > $119.99 < iMars SD3 78W Car Refrigerator 20L Banggood Coupon Promo Code [Czech Warehouse]

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2021.12.07 13:24 Salman50505 The Five Elements.

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