POV you're aego

2021.12.07 11:32 UnlikelyHos POV you're aego

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2021.12.07 11:32 GodlikeUA PPSI Volume picking up come join the fun!!!!!

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2021.12.07 11:32 JennasRedditPage Who is getting excited for Christmas!?! 🎄🎅🏻

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2021.12.07 11:32 Zestyclose-Drummer32 Carmella

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2021.12.07 11:32 Yobro20fO Good ol nostalgia

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2021.12.07 11:32 captain_hardon Theory Of Evolution

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2021.12.07 11:32 CrowneeFC Common Nightingale Bird Song Natural Sound 4K UHD | Shorts

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2021.12.07 11:32 Pruefungsamt Can EDS cause petechiae?

I have petechiae on my legs that show up from time to time on my legs since August. Went to the doctor and did bloodwork - everything fine. So I wonder if this could be caused by EDS since I read about it on a NHS Site.
I havent been diagnosed yet but I definitely got some features of EDS including stretchy/very soft skin, hypermobile joints, flat feet, etc.
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2021.12.07 11:32 Next_Broccoli_6596 Tipps zu neuem Monitor

Hi zusammen! :)
Hab mir kürzlich einen neuen PC gebastelt und dann festgestellt, dass an meinem zweiten Monitor der HDMI Anschluss nicht geht. Der ist locker schon 10 Jahre alt und ich konnte ihn am alten PC auch nur über VGA anschließen also lief alles Tip top. Wie gesagt der neue PC hat keinen VGA Anschluss und ich bräuchte einen neuen Monitor hab aber keinen Plan von Monitoren und habe gehofft ihr könnt mir welche vorschlagen.
Er sollte 2K haben, ist zocken gedacht, sollte über HDMI oder Displayport angeschlossen werden können und am besten natürlich nicht die Welt kosten. (Curved wäre natürlich cool )
Hoffe ihr könnt mir weiterhelfen oder einen empfehlen.
( Sollte irgendetwas fehlen Versuche so schnell wie möglich zu antworten)
Danke schonmal :)
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2021.12.07 11:32 AbdulSamadkkk #Yearnlab.com Staking Platform is Live Get Upto_150,834.23% APY_Presale in 1 hours

#Yearnlab.com Staking Platform is Live Get Upto_150,834.23% APY_Presale in 1 hours Team $YLB truly believe in transparency, we have successfully deployed staking contract here is detail

  • 17% Funds transfer to staking contract for reward
  • Staking will be live right after presale filled.
  • You can stake and earn reward
Yearnlab.com Presale/ILO will take place on PinkSale.finance
  • Presale: 1 BNB = 15000
  • Public listing: 1 BNB = 13500
  • Liquidity = 10 years
Official Contract: 0xfb585322fbd121ce20b857e2ccd85a43ad496573
All tokens locked on pinksale
17% Unlocked tokens reserved for staking reward in staking contract (Staking pool will start once presale is over)
Audit done by Certik: Audit Report
Join Presale here: https://pinksale.finance/#/launchpad/0x09C14E72487bA8d5173f81477e8F09158801245b?chain=BSC
Social media:
Website: yearnlab.com/
Github: github.com/Yearn-Lab
Telegram: t.me/yearn_lab
Twitter: twitter.com/yearnlab
Reddit: www.reddit.com/yearnlab/
Medium: yearnlab.medium.com
White Paper: yearnlab.com/whitepaper.pdf
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2021.12.07 11:32 dubbz-creative White Screen Issues in Dapp - Regional or Maintenance

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2021.12.07 11:32 daniels_creed Got a text message this morning about an "order"

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2021.12.07 11:32 stratchedGIRL Teeth 😄😁

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2021.12.07 11:32 Fancy-Salt-8568 Need Help Finding This Shoe

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2021.12.07 11:32 DuskPanthera I still miss my buddy Cha-Cha

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2021.12.07 11:32 rdoki 🎁 FREE CRYPTOCUBERS NFT GIVEAWAY 1) UPVOTE. 2)JOIN DISCORD. 3)COMMENT HERE. Read details in comment 🚀

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2021.12.07 11:32 Narrow-Style7799 The next LaunchPad - GainPool|Forget Coinlist - now there's GainPool|$GAIN is the next miracle X100 - the token of the amazing LaunchPad GainPool!

GainPool is a new project for launching products and participating in private sales rounds with guaranteed allocation and a uniquev distribution model
Rest assured - if ya are a $GAIN token HODLer, ya will get X's!
By holding $1,000 USDC worth of $GAIN tokens you will always have access to wonderful prospects from different blockchains at the private sale stage That being said, you can use staking for your $GAIN tokens or withdraw them at any time.
$GAIN tokens are burned regularly, 0.125% of the total issue every quarter for 10 years
Among other things, $GAIN holders will have access to various lotteries, contests and airdrops.
Don't miss your chance - www dot gainpool dot io/
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2021.12.07 11:32 HIERARCHY_OF_MEMES Christmas Fir [commission drawn by @kakiko228 on Twitter]

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2021.12.07 11:32 SourceAddiction I've been using this screensaver since 2014, primarily to keep my cats entertained.

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2021.12.07 11:32 BlackShrike yall can vote 🧹janna🧖‍♀️ off but dont act surprised when she revoke your talent of 💄blowing👄

i’ll be here giggling knowing shes gonna send all the hot tops my way with her robust vigorous and flavorful wind 🌬 🌪🤧
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2021.12.07 11:32 Montanaoxfst Is the championship better than the MLS

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2021.12.07 11:32 MathLocal just some underground rap if you fw that

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2021.12.07 11:32 Loose_Excitement5708 Kalinka Fox omg...!

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2021.12.07 11:32 CerDiggity Issue with GeForce Experience/Shadowplay and Battleye?

I just bought a Legion 5 Pro about a week ago and am currently having some issues launching DayZ.
2021-12-07 6:43:25 AM - Blocked loading of file 'C:\Windows\System32\nvspcap64.dll'
Keep getting that message in the Battleye logs on launch. Always follows with a "Connecting Failed (0x00010001) Could not connect to the server because it is unreachable." error when trying to connect to a server.
Just downloaded GeForce Experience yesterday and this is my first time trying to launch the game since, the game launched fine prior to that. I know nvspcap64.dll is Nvidia/shadowplay related, is that the issue? Battleye flagging shadowplay as a potential cheat?
I'm a total PC noob lol and coming from DayZ on console so I'm not really quite sure what to do. Was a MacBook user in years prior.
Nvidia drivers are all up to date. Mods on steam are all up to date. L5P specs for reference are AMD ryzen 7/Nvidia GeForce RTX 3070/2tb internal SSD/16g ram.
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2021.12.07 11:32 findar The build to first hit 850 in SSF Delve

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