6" decorative copper vessel with perforated lid

2021.12.07 13:44 zoo55 6" decorative copper vessel with perforated lid

2.5" tall, 6" diameter. Marked copper on the bottom. My best guess that it's a household item for burning or releasing something?
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2021.12.07 13:44 humanbeing420420 i just hate people

i don’t know if i’m an introvert or if there’s straight up just something wrong with me anymore.
bit of background, i’m 24m and i haven’t had a single friend yet. my parents aren’t that bad, but are very judgmental and absolutely hate the fact that i’m gay, so i have very little relationship with them and talk to them as little as i possibly can. i am in college studying something i love(electrical engineering) and am fortunate enough to have a job that makes me fully financially independent.
but no matter where i go, who i meet, what i do, i can’t find a single person that i like. i’ve never felt platonic or romantic attraction towards people, everyone either disgusts me or is just boring to me.
i have fine social skills and am not anxious at all, i can talk to people very easily. but no matter who i talk to i always just end up disliking them and wanting to go be alone again.
most people are horrible from what i’ve seen. there’s so few good ones and i doubt i’d even like the ones that are good. i just hate everyone i talk to.
i feel like i spent my teen years watching youtubers and tv shows instead of talking to real people, and that made me realize the idea of people is always better than the real thing. the idea of friends and relationships sounds nice in concept but it always ends up being more trouble than it’s worth. plus the thought of giving up any amount of the alone time I have right now for the sake of friends sounds horrible, it’s the best part of my day.
and besides, i feel perfectly content to be alone. i have so much time to focus on school and hobbies. the only thing i end up missing is touch and sex, which i can get fine enough through grindr hookups lol.
i don’t feel like this is a common sentiment though, my parents have told me i’m going to regret not having friends during these years, but i don’t see that happening. they suggested i see a therapist but i don’t see why i’d need one, i feel good and am not hurting anyone. i just hate people and think they’re a waste of time. does anyone else feel this way?
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2021.12.07 13:44 cuadrantelocal Primer Encuentro por El Universo #playlistcuadrantelocal

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2021.12.07 13:44 elastiks Taiwan: A couple used deception to receive 8 doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

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2021.12.07 13:44 ehhwasever Has anybody tried The PCOS Protocol? Is it worth the investment?

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2021.12.07 13:44 Mzati0 1 Hour Tutorial 😳

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2021.12.07 13:44 Hwillington Penumbras: A modern fantasy Adult RP (18+ only, discord server)

The city of New York in the year 2021. The city is an oasis of concrete and steel. It’s ever-changing and evolving and day to day you never know what you will find. For the most part, our story is a slice of life, epic. The normal lives of normal people as they move through the world and experience new things. They can be whoever you want. Are they a barista with dreams of becoming a ballet dancer? A student born on the wrong side of the tracks dreaming of NYU and med school?
There are cracks though in the perception of this world. Portions of reality chipping away and leaving gaps for things to leak through. At present this Phenomenon has been localized to only two places and times. While time passes in one era it passes slower in another. How one moves from place to place is at present random and unknown. The few people who have experienced this either do not make it back or they are too scared to say anything. This phenomenon began roughly a week ago in our modern time and 3 months ago in the past.
This rp is based around a lot of adult themes and there will be much NSFW writing. SO keep that in mind. That being said we do want PLOT as well and drama. Because we do have an adult plot be over the age of 18. All characters and faces used also need to be over the age of 18, we also prefer realistic (REAL) faces. . This is an incredibly open idea because we want to build this world WITH you.
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2021.12.07 13:44 DoctorSusanCalvin overview for AccomplishedCare8937

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2021.12.07 13:44 ReadyToHarvest What is the United Pentecostal Church International? (UPCI) | Oneness Pentecostal

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2021.12.07 13:44 FLKeysCareers Seasonal Cashier/Stock/Customer Service/Sales

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2021.12.07 13:44 zezo_idrees Is there any Middle Eastern players here?

as the title says, i am having trouble finding people from the same region i am in to the point i feel like i am the only one.
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2021.12.07 13:44 Downtown_Sorbet8864 Kendra Sunderland

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2021.12.07 13:44 PokingDogSnouts Heart bulging from upper chest.

Does anyone else notice anything like this? When I look at myself in the mirror, I swear I can see a slight bulging of my heart on the upper left. It’s clearly not symmetrical with the right side. These days, it’s felt really strained. I dunno if it’s stress. I certainly haven’t exercised, but I have had arguments—you know, not being believed in the home. I wonder if showing someone this would end all debate. God, this never ends...
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2021.12.07 13:44 Imkindabasic Brown spots Scindapsus pictus

Hi! Two weeks ago I bought a Scindapsus pictus. It has developed some brown spots over the last few days. When I got home I re-potted him with regular houseplant potting soil. And I add water when the soil no longer feels moist. Do you guys happen to know what is causing this? And what I can do to fix this?
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2021.12.07 13:44 iamtheseamonster My employer hasn't responded to my resignation email all day. Do I have to go in tomorrow?

I just started this job last week but I already know it's not for me so I sent out my resignation email this morning. However it's nearing the end of the work day now (nearly 5pm) and neither of the HR workers I emailed have responded to the email. Since I have already sent out my notice of resignation, I don't have to go on tomorrow, do I? It's on my shift schedule that I'm in all day on Wednesdays, but I'm not going in if I have already resigned, it's just that no one has acknowledged it yet.
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2021.12.07 13:44 Faction_Chief @USATODAY: The following guests will also join the conversation: @DaveREasterling, @KirchhoffLab, @russ_schumacher, @StulmanTimothy, @dapinsker, @MichaelEMann, @Climatologist49 and @wrightdanielb

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2021.12.07 13:44 SuperSeattleSonic Any background on this Kobe 6 colorway on GMK's site?

Premium Quality Zoom Kobe 6 Pink CW2190-600 (gmkim.vn.ua)

Is this somebody's PE or just a random batch random colorway situation?
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2021.12.07 13:44 PrestigiousFarmer309 Quien pa paja ahora

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2021.12.07 13:44 Inebriada Reshiram on me, add 3254 6497 0851 and pls be on

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2021.12.07 13:44 Strange_Pressure_373 Druddigon 1325 0491 5231

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2021.12.07 13:44 Vecissitude What is wrong with this function?

Exercise: Write Your Own Loop
Write a higher-order function loop that provides something like a for loop statement. It takes a value, a test function, an update function, and a body function. Each iteration, it first runs the test function on the current loop value and stops if that returns false. Then it calls the body function, giving it the current value. Finally, it calls the update function to create a new value and starts from the beginning.
When defining the function, you can use a regular loop to do the actual looping.

function loop(value, test, update, body) { for (let i =1; i < 4; i++) { if (test(value) == false) break; else { body(value); value = update(value); loop(value, test, update, body); } } } loop(3, n => n > 0, n => n - 1, console.log); 
Basically for me the loop is not breaking when value becomes 0. test(value) is false, which means false equals false is true, which means condition executes which is breaking the loop. But instead my function keeps going spitting out nonsensical values.
What is broken here?
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2021.12.07 13:44 Clementyfr Kickstarter for English version of Halo. A Space Opera from Bungie book is starting today - Highly recommend checking it out, the french version was full of details behind the creation of Halo and Bungie

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2021.12.07 13:44 Fugensanierer Are different fits a thing?

So I tried the classic 1460 smooth in the store to see which size I need but I did not get them right away. Now I found a good deal and ordered. Today they arrived but they are a good bit too small in length. Is this a common occurence?
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2021.12.07 13:44 Tall_Iron9223 Keep failing P2 please help

I got 98 first time took a gap and did it again after few months. This time though time really stung me as I had 33 mins for 30 questions. I ended up getting 86 this time. Not sure if my knowledge is lacking or just time...mocks are tough I was getting around 50% but on cima study questions around 70%.
Please can someone advise.
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2021.12.07 13:44 ParamedicPale7860 Big fan of this color, wish they made more stuff like this! Agile Short Sleeve "Diamond Dye" from Black Friday sale

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