2021.10.16 21:02 someone_S_S FT vs NFT

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2021.10.16 21:02 well-this-is-my-name Found this on a scam site, anyone know where I can find it legit?

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2021.10.16 21:02 filipinofishboy Petition to include emotes on the promo dias event.

So i can spam Tnc nice g...
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2021.10.16 21:02 memerobbber Am I broke or am I at the perfect amount 🤔

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2021.10.16 21:02 longrngkilla [NA] [xbox] [Silver] Solo-queuer looking to join or start stack

First reddit post—hopefully I get my point across. I’m 23 & I’ve been playing r6 for 2 years now (lvl 153 on ps4). I just made the switch to xbox and just earned a silver rank. I consider myself a decent support player but solo-queueing has gotten me nowhere in the past. I’m always learning more about the game but I’m comfortable enough with callouts and strategies to start looking for a stack. I don’t care about your K:D or rank as long as you have situational awareness. I take the game seriously but I’m not toxically competitive and can take a L. Really just looking for non-toxic teammates with mics and intent to get better at ranked. Elitists look elsewhere. Let me know what you think. 👍
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2021.10.16 21:02 itsGame_track All Demon Deaths in Demon Slayer Hinomaki Chronicles Game

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2021.10.16 21:02 Superio_Sr School computer FIXED

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2021.10.16 21:02 MugShots LVMPD Traffic Alert

LVMPD Traffic Alert ACCIDENT (WITH INJURY) S DURANGO DR / W WARM SPRINGS RD 10/16/2021 11:48:42 AM incident #LLV211000066505
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2021.10.16 21:02 Nexusu Favorite tracks from NIRATIAS

So it’s been over half a year since NIRATIAS relaeased. I was curious which songs have stuck with you guys the most?
My picks would be Ghost and Razor, Mara Simula and Self Destructor
The whole album is A+ though
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2021.10.16 21:02 popcorn_mania SLPT: if you work in retail, save the receipts of those that don’t want them for free points on receipt tracking apps.

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2021.10.16 21:02 k0rp5e Casters: can you please stop unnecessary screaming?

I just watched Secret vs IG upper bracket match on youtube, catching up because I was working when it was live, and it felt very tiring because of all the screaming from a broad that was casting with Purge.
"shackleshot stuuuuunnn!" "they're smoked and moving" "boundless strike" "they're trying to kill him"
Thanks, I have eyes too you know. She's just spewing words rapidly and loudly about anything on the screen thinking this is casting and creating fake hype
Meanwhile Purge actually saying intelligent and interesting things is cut off by her non stop so she can start screaming. Just open up youtube and listen to her 'casting'
Same goes for that Lirical guy. What do these people have to do with dota anyway?
We get it, you came from another game because dota2 pays better, you learned items, spells and heroes names, but give us something interesting, don't just scream what's happening on the screen, like I said, I have eyes, and I don't need a narration of what I'm already seeing. It's tiring, distracting and annoying
Probably the best caster duo out there right now are Synd and Suns, chill and only hype when needed
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2021.10.16 21:02 DealsCanada Dehumidifier 2000 Sq. Ft HEVILLO 40 Pint ($223 Orig. $319)

Link: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B08JB4TK1K/ref … AVS3ET5QNH Price: 223 Discount: 30% Retailer: Amazon.ca
Seems like a good deal. Have been eyeing this lately since I really need to address the humidity levels in my basement with a sump and all the rainy days lately. I like how it’s got the self drain hose vs the buckets.
Amazon link
Link: https://www.amazon.ca/dp/B08JB4TK1K/ref … AVS3ET5QNH
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2021.10.16 21:02 Emi72 Hi everyone! A friend of mine just asked me to take care of his plants. But I dont know what species they are and how to properly take care of them. If you could help me that would be great. Thank you.

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2021.10.16 21:02 regisvulpium Episode 7 spoilers

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2021.10.16 21:02 Investment_Busy chill smp

i got a pretty good server to have some fun dm 0ki_0#1234 for invite have fun + there's no requirements to get in :)
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2021.10.16 21:02 Boo_Randy #1 hip-hop song on iTunes: Let's Go Brandon (Loza Alexander). But what if this anger is misplaced?

The soaring cost of living and anger over things like vaccine mandates is stoking rising discontent with Joe Biden. But let's not forget: whoever occupies the White House is simply a cardboard cutout for the real Powers that Be who hand their dummy his script and pull his strings. How many people chanting "Let's Go Brandon" have any inkling of the role of the Fed - which is vastly more powerful than any president - in causing the mess that America now finds itself in? Mass chants of "F*ck Joe Biden" might annoy the elites, but stadiums full of people shouting "End the Fed" would terrify them.
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2021.10.16 21:02 Oceanstuck Daily Ryuji 414

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2021.10.16 21:02 zantilles Game Servers

Would you like game servers to be hosted in the Caribbean?
View Poll
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2021.10.16 21:02 FranticFridge What kind of Ferrari is this?

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2021.10.16 21:02 bradmeyerlive December Ape here: How does Fidelity have extra shares?

Fidelity is rapidly transferring shares for their current customers and people DRSing from other brokers.
If this is being done like it should be done, they would need hundreds of thousands of extra shares that have no customers tied to them lying around waiting to be registered and shipped to Computershare.
Not to be a FUD creator because I have shares in CS as well...but where are these extra unregistered shares coming from?
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2021.10.16 21:02 Hour_Pollution9538 LF Pokémon still in oras/xy only ft pics

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2021.10.16 21:02 AWR2118 Saw her drunk…

I met this women (23, me 31) a month ago trhough mutual friends. All went well, we had 3 dates and slept together on 3rd date. Now, she was slow to answer to my last text, i asked her what were her weekend plans. So i went out with friend. But i started drinking and since i was on antibiotics (i inow, i shouldnt drink…) i got drunk fast…. And when i decided ro go home i bumped into this girl… so obviously we start talking,but i am very drunk…. I even try to kiss her and she gives me the cheek and says “there are too many people here.., letme go back to mu friends” so i told her”ok im going home”. And i left.
Now, i thought i fucked up completely… but this morning she answered my “what are you doing this weekend” with “apparently seeing you hahahah, what about you?”.
So my question is: did i fuck up? How do i act now? Keep in mind i told her i was on medication but i did act very drunk…
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2021.10.16 21:02 Perfect_Moose5128 The Story of an EK and EM

I'm gonna be super vague to the point of not even revealing EK's gender because although I don't think there's anything on here that could tell who I am I'm a bit paranoid. However, I'm also relieved that I no longer have to deal with EK at work (a daycare) as they have finally been kicked out.
EK is clearly special needs and this wouldn't have exactly been a problem but they would frequently get destructive and violent towards other kids, staff and even other kids parents as a result.
I wish I could say EM warned us so we could accommodate, but she pretty much hid all of EK's behavior (we later realized this was probably because EK had been kicked out of a previous daycare although EM never outright admitted this and tried to claim EK left it due to not fitting into their program) and whenever we would try to tell her about the things EK had done she would try to claim things that were obviously not involuntary twitches were just twitches or that we were being too hard on her kid. The only "help" she offered was some organic "medication" that she claimed calmed EK eventhough it said on the bottle it wasn't meant to treat things like Autism and ADHD. It barely worked. EM also claimed EK needed special snacks because sugar made their behavior worse, but often times the snacks she packed for EK would have more sugar than the daycare snacks. When confronted about this she insisted that it was okay because the sugar in the thing she had provided didn't mess with EK's behavior. Finally, EM tried to sneak a random vitamin pill into EK's snack and got upset when I explained that we weren't going to give her kid a random unlabeled pill that paperwork hadn't been filled out for.
Overall, I do hope EK is able to get some help so that they can grow up to have some quality of life without hurting themself or others, but I am also relieved that I no longer have to deal with them.
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2021.10.16 21:02 ReVeila AEW: Cody Rhodes vs Malakai Black - Rivalry Re-Written

Let’s just jump right to it. I love this feud, I love Black. He is amazing, and the Cody matches bring out the best in him.
Let’s get right into the booking.
The lead up to Malakai Black vs Cody Rhodes 2 on AEW Dynamite Grand Slam stays the EXACT same. Nothing changes.
Cody v Black on Dynamite happens the exact same way, and the fact the crowd BOO Cody makes this easier to get into.
Black prides himself in saying ‘The House of Black’ a lot...and this comes into play
The Match starts and happens the same, mostly. Rhodes and Black go back and forth, and black hits the ropes and sits in the ring.
This is when Brandi sits inside the ring. Opposite him whilst Cody’s recovering on the side. But Black just...stares. This makes Brandi question her choices, and she gets uneasy and slides out of the ring. But someone in Black Jeans, a Dark Denim jacket and a Mask hops the barricade and stands behind Brandi. She just hits Brandi in the face, and drags her away to the top of the Ramp.
Taking the mask off once Brandi is knocked out, it turns out to be...Kris Statlander? The Galaxy’s Greatest opens her jacket and shows a House of Black shirt. Brandi is taken away by Medics, but Kris just...sits close to the ring on the ramp, at the end of the LED Board on the floor.
The rest of the match happens as it did. Arn fell off the apron, the Black Mist, and Black picked up the win. On the outside, Kris helps Black to his feet, and Cody just now realises Brandi isn’t there. Kris and Black discuss, and Black simply smirks at Arn and Cody arguing in the ring.
Next time? Dynamite 105: Cody Rhodes and Lee Johnson vs Dante Martin & Matt Sydal. On Cody/Lee’s entrance, there’s NO BRANDI and NO ARN! That is clear. Cody just walks to the ring, no entrance stuff, he just walks. Lee just looks confused. He walks down with him, and the match goes as shown. Cody starts, then tags Lee in.
When Dante flies into Lee and Cody, Lee moves out of the way, so it just hits Cody. Lee being sent back up the ramp a bit, someone appears on the Apron. Kris Statlander...Same attire as last week, and approaches Lee. Best Friends (Chuck and Yuta) come and start to talk some sense into Kris, but she just attacks the pair. They don’t fight back as they’re knocked out with brutal strikes.
Lee just watches, and Kris and Lee lock eyes. She reaches into her jacket and takes out an envelope...Brandi Appears, but Lee interferes before she could get to Kris.
Meanwhile, in the Ring, Cody is watching Brandi and Lee talk, but then he’s rolled up by Dante Martin, and gets the win! Lee just turns his head, and is about to run back when he realises the match is over. Kris simply hands him the envelope, and backs off, hands raised. Brandi lets her leave, and Lee is just holding it. Cody and Brandi looking at him.
Later in the night, it cuts to Lee, sitting in a room alone. The Envelope is sitting on a chair in front of him, and he grabs it. He sighs, and his phone rings. He looks over, and ignores it. Opening the letter, he reads it and looks a little confused. He grabs his phone, and looks to dial a number.
Next week, there is a segment. Lee Johnson is walking in casual clothes. He walks, and an interviewer asks him what he’s doing. He just brushes them off, and he enters a room...on the door? ‘Malakai Black’.
Later on, Lee leaves the room and Arn waits there. He asks him what the hell he’s doing. He says nothing, and walks away from him. Lee is not in the 8 man tag later on in the night, it’s Matt Sydal instead.
The next week, Dante Martin is in the ring, and challenges anyone. Malakai accepts, exactly how it happened initially. In the match though? It’s dominant. With Kris at ringside, Dante starts going for offense, Black shuts it down. Kris does absolutely NOTHING. Stands there, and watches. Occasionally, Black goes over and gives her a few words before a strike.
After the match, Black gifts Dante to Kris, and she hits the Big Bang Theory on Dante Martin. Matt Sydal comes out, but Black decks him instantly with a roundhouse. Cody, Brandi and Lee come out with Arn behind them. Lee and Cody slide into the ring, and Kris and Black stand opposite the trio. Lee….then walks into Blacks face, and just clotheslines Cody!!
Arn looks on from the outside, and Brandi looks horrified, and Kris takes down Brandi. Lee stares into the eyes of Arn on the outside, as Black approaches Lee and pats his shoulder. He points to Cody, and Kris and Malakai lift him, and Lee hits a roundhouse!! Just like Malakai’s! The Trio of Malakai Black, Lee Johnson and Kris Statlander stand over Cody, Dante, Matt and Brandi.
If you wanna see me book more, Lemme know! I have more for this rivalry, so I hope you like it!! Comment what you thought!
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2021.10.16 21:02 _ungovernable Weird fuzz growing on my bell peppers. Thoughts?

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