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Help with tuning my mk4 Supra?

2021.10.16 19:49 NuclearTreeBranch Help with tuning my mk4 Supra?

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2021.10.16 19:49 MarshyHope Requesting /r/ApexConservative, only mod is inactive

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2021.10.16 19:49 Murfmur :,)

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2021.10.16 19:49 Firecat_Pl Gattai da! Blocker-oh

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2021.10.16 19:49 leaping-sandwich How do terrestrial slugs and snails detect moisture in their enviroment?

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2021.10.16 19:49 JudasBrutusson *SPOILER* [SoT: Warhawk] Damn if Chris Wraight didn't accomplish what he set out to do.

This was an incredible book, such a contrast to Mortis where I had to slog through it, whereas this one I had trouble putting it down.
For all it's great victories, one thing it does so very well is show the tipping point from the horrific Imperium of the 30k era, to the absolute nightmare realm of the 40k era, with its depiction of Sigismund and Keeler and the horrifying fanaticism they've fostered. And as I finished this book, I read the afterword and saw that this feeling of wrongness was exactly what Wraight was going for:
" So it is that we get to the purity of 40K’s endless war, in which both sides are equally nihilistic, and we see the terrible bargain that humanity is forced to make – you can survive, in a fashion, but only if you pledge allegiance to one of two horrific powers: the gods of the warp, or the corpse on the Throne. No alternative, no escape, no happy ending. "
Chris Wraight keeps churning out pure gold on a level I've never experienced from another BL author
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2021.10.16 19:49 astralnutz17 A very nice girl

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2021.10.16 19:49 Dimittrikov1995 for my brother will forever stop me

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2021.10.16 19:49 Radiant-Geologist-82 POV: אתה משוויץ שיש לך אף

POV: אתה משוויץ שיש לך אף
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2021.10.16 19:49 Sissy-Hannah420 Short pink skirt, shiny black pantyhose and stripper heels look amazing on me

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2021.10.16 19:49 CryloTheRaccoon the fuck did I do 😭

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2021.10.16 19:49 Chobani03 Weather Boosted Mega Gengar Raid. Adding 10, 5223 1278 1345 and 0383 8574 4433

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2021.10.16 19:49 pavroo Sparky 2021.10 Special

Sparky Special Editions: GameOver, Multimedia & Rescue updated to 2021.10 #linux #sparkylinux
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2021.10.16 19:49 Eliel_Alves Biggest regret of his life, i'm a walking disappointment!

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2021.10.16 19:49 ManbaSama Gabi (Nestkeeper) [Original]

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2021.10.16 19:49 Specialist_Tiger_805 [Question] Help! I'm a total newbie here

I am running an iPad 4 (2012) ios 10.3.4, all tweaks appeared to be working correctly, as i had been using the device in its jailbroken state for 24 hours. My nephew drained the battery which will cause to reboot the ipad and disable the jailbreak, but the problem is when I try to re jailbreak , I get a black screen/spinning wheel after the "starting daemons" part, then when it finishes, there is no cydia (it's literally not installed after the jailbreak, but i have been given root access). I have tried deleting and reinstalling H3lix on Cydia Impactor, Altstore, but with no luck.
and also what is superuser rights (as i always get that with an error code: 502, whenever i install a deb package on ifile)
Sorry guys, I'm a newbie on apple devices (since i am more familiar with android devices)
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2021.10.16 19:49 sillybillyTA37522 [Chinese (or Japanese?) > English] Calligraphy art

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2021.10.16 19:49 HoneyAlise Cake for my friend's birthday, r u like it?

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2021.10.16 19:49 reddit_feed_bot JesseKellyDC: @InezFeltscher I would. I’m gonna start one.

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2021.10.16 19:49 NZepplin have you ever eaten extra flaming hot cheetos?

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2021.10.16 19:49 Chad2Badd New toy! Mapex Armory Daisy Cutter. Hammered Steel!

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2021.10.16 19:49 PornstarShrimp What will happen to the Israelis when Palestinians take back Palestine of 1948 ?

Its a question i asked myself a lot. But also didnt see many people consider it and a if asked people couldnt give me a real answer or they didnt think about the outcome. Who were either Pro-Israel or pro-Palestine.
This Question comes from these two Video I saw (please watch both to understand the answers pls)
Palestinians: What will happen to the Israelis when you take back Palestine of 1948 (Israel)?
Israelis: What will you do when Palestinians take back Palestine? Stay or go?
( I think this channel has some interesting perspectives on it and actually answers from people who live there. So Checking it out is probably an interesting experinceand some new viewpoints.)

What would you consider as an answer to this ?
Pls put urself in the perspective that you were born there on the Israeli side and then on the Palestin side for an objective answer.

I dont want any agressive answers so pls be polite. thanks.
( my main language isnt english so pls try not to use super complicated words for understanding thx hope yall understand ^^ )
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2021.10.16 19:49 Merman_Mike I found an entire car while diving for trash and treasure in the American River!

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2021.10.16 19:49 tsarcasmloser Charged for game pass twice? Both on the same day. Any ideas?

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2021.10.16 19:49 floralcolossus So I just finished watching The Wire. I have one gripe with the wrap up of the kids' story lines. Spoilers.

Real quick I do wanna say that this show is immaculate. It easily has become one of my favorite series ever. Literally as soon as the season 4 finale ended I out loud said "that might be my favorite season finale of any series ever."
Okay back to the gripe. So I loved all the kids' endings except for Duke. It broke my heart a little to see what Randy had to become to survive foster care but it made sense. I LOVED seeing Namond become this active A1 student seeing Bunny's influence take hold of him made me really happy. Then possibly one of my favorite conclusions to a character from any series...Michael becoming the NEW STICK UP BOY! Holy shit! I flipped out, I couldn't believe it! I don't think they could of wrapped him up any better in my opinion. Then there's Duke. I understand that he couldn't stay with Michael. Obviously his own family isn't an option. I can understand why he didn't continue school and he just tries to find honest work but basically 1 to 2 days with homeless people and he starts shooting up. Just kinda felt like it was phoned in. I think they're did it for 1 of 2 reasons. 1. To show the cycle of coming from a broken home. His family were drug addicts so he most likely will become an addict. 2. To show the cycle of Baltimore. This one more encapsulates the entire ending of the series. We see basically the new gen of Baltimore. Marlo becoming Striger / Avon. Kima basically being the new Bunk. Sydnor to McNulty. Carver to Daniels maybe Colvin. MICHAEL TO OMAR!!! Duke to Bubbles. But idk it just feels like a cheap cop out with him. I do think it'd be kinda interesting that he becomes Bubbles basically but idk.
So PLEASE guys let me hear your opinions and perspectives on the Duke ending and any of the wrap ups really!
Let's all remember "the game is the game."
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