I just tried blue lotus 🥰

2021.10.16 20:48 moemoney1197 I just tried blue lotus 🥰

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2021.10.16 20:48 TheMulefromMoscow Would you rather have a penis for a nose or a vagina for a chin

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2021.10.16 20:48 throwawaykoin wtf are these comments

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2021.10.16 20:48 maxpatch23 Evergreen Cemetery, October 16th, Portland, Maine, USA

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2021.10.16 20:48 Zebra_Queasy What do you think of my build Mainly using for gaming

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2021.10.16 20:48 tiggerclaw by Sharon Covert

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2021.10.16 20:48 tolllz Two of Barry’s first chrome cards (1996) celebrating 40 years of Topps and his last chrome (2015) celebrating 60 years of Topps

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2021.10.16 20:48 dilemma_diorama I love my (27F) husband (33M) very much. However, he has a very poor EQ, severe anxiety, terrible judgement, poor organizational skills, always zones out mid conversation, is in debt and has the attention span of a gnat. I think he might need help.

We’ve been together for six years now, and we do love each other very much. He is kind, good natured, quiet, and makes me feel safe and loved. I think this is why I fell for him— I come from a highly volatile home, and he was always so calm and steadfast and loving. However, his problems have caused serious issues in our marriage, to the point where we almost broke up a year ago.
He told me that it’s clear he can’t take care of me or give me what I need in life, and that he doesn’t want to keep me tied up to him because it will make me bitter and resentful. We spent a horrible few months apart and now decided to try again. I can see that he is trying very hard now (he even took on two jobs to clear the debt, but I made him stop that because he was working himself to the ground. A human being needs more than two hours of sleep a day). But I’m afraid that no matter how hard he tries, he doesn’t have the capacity to keep it up.
Here are some of his issues: He is very irresponsible, and I feel like I am his parent rather than his spouse. I have to even tell him when to brush his teeth (which seems like a huge task to him). When he doesn’t do these basic things, I end up telling him to do them. Now when you’re constantly telling someone to do things, this seems like nagging and we both end up terribly frustrated.
He has the EQ of a brick wall, a very poor attention span, poor organizational skills, is stupidly impulsive, and has terrible anxiety. He also has zero savings and is in debt.
When I tell him something, he literally takes about a minute to respond. Otherwise he doesn’t respond at all and I have to prod him for a response. This feels terrible, because there are times when I tell him truly heartbreaking things (like when my pet died back at home) and I don’t get a response until I ask for one. Now this infuriates me, but I don’t think he’s doing it on purpose. In fact, he has asked me to please prod him when he doesn’t respond and repeat what I said, and that he can’t help it.
(These days, I say something, and then pause and give him a minute. He usually responds after a minute. If he doesn’t, I point out that I asked him something and then he sort of pulls himself together and pays attention to me.)
He’s afraid to get help- he says “If I am diagnosed with something, everyone will look down on me, and they’ll brush me off because there’s something wrong with me.” I disagree. You see, he often calls himself a simpleton and feels desperately frustrated with himself. I believe that if he is diagnosed, it will come as a relief— he will finally realize that he’s NOT a simpleton, and we can figure out how he can help himself get through life.
I do love him, and he loves me, but I can’t see him ever being a responsible parent or husband. This is our trial year. We’re supposed to make a decision whether to stay together or not by next fall. How do I handle this situation if he doesn’t get help? But I also love him and want to help him. I know one thing for sure- he should get his shit together regardless of whether we remain married or not. At the rate he’s going, he’s going to end up in a box on the street.
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2021.10.16 20:48 Namaniel Giratina Raid - 7635 0417 0778 - Adding First 10 People

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2021.10.16 20:48 Far-Cartographer136 Just posting this to prove a point to a redditor in the comments i will explain in a comment

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2021.10.16 20:48 Darujiboo This pickle jar has a built in plastic basket with a stem so you can pull the pickles up to the top.

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2021.10.16 20:48 ckkuban Все просто, люди хотят "Конституционной гарантии"

Ограбление людей, на местах" стало нормой внутренней политики региона. В скором времени на ящиках "почта губера" раскрасуется прайс бюджетных услуг.
По факту, сегодня банковская - проверяет счета (зарплатной жизни), они, не штудируют счета миллиардного оффшора или частной "строй газ-нефти", они считают долю работающего населения в обьеме валового продукта на дачную сотку "потом" вспаханной земли. Правительство в поиске налоговой стратегии...
За 20 лет из России уехали до пяти миллионов человек.
Основные причины эмиграции - стремление к правовой безопасности или недовольство политической ситуацией.
Все просто, люди хотят "Конституционпной гарантии"
"Местная Россия" сидит на бюджетном донорстве и слезать с этого унижения она не будет - будет лупить "знаки" на перекрестках - (комфортная дорога построена по федеральной программе).
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2021.10.16 20:48 Nearby_Actuator_8029 GloryDoge - Private Sale live 🔥| BNB passive income from DAPPs revenue through staking | Easy 100x potential | Building the next-gen IDO Launchpad to help bring innovative ideas to life and protect early investors' funds | Contract Audited & Team Doxxed | Devs Daily AMA On TG | 0% Team Wallets

Website: https://glorydogecoin.com
Contract audited and team doxxed by DessertFinance:
🤔 What is the GloryDoge project?
Building a secure DeFi ecosystem to help bring innovative ideas to life and protect early investors' funds.
GloryPad, the first product, is the next-gen IDO Launchpad where developers, influencers, and investors gather to bring innovative ideas to life. Includes several new features like automated KYC and live activity feeds... (Under development)
GLORYD, the token, is the backbone of the project, and the golden bridge connecting the DAPPs to the inverstors. Backed by a solid economic model.
GloryDoge investors will earn 4% reflections from every buy and sell, plus 50% of the revenue from the DAPPs will be distributed to the ones who choose to stake their tokens.
Investors will also have access to premium features on the DAPPs by holding a certain amount of GLORYD.
🤔 Who are the team members?
A team of highly motivated minds, with years of solid knowledge and experience in Software Engineering, UI/UX Design, and Marketing.

🤔 Any doxxing plans?
Yes! The founder and co-founder are doxxed by DessertFinance. They handed over government IDs and passports for verification. They are located in Sweden.
🤔 What are the tokenomics of the GloryDoge token?
10% total tax on every transaction.
4% tax is distributed proportionally to all holders.
2% tax for marketing, contests, and celebratory distribution events. Used in full transparency to investors.
4% devs and team expenses. No one should work for free.
Normal transfers from a wallet to another wallet are 100% tax-free.
50% of the revenues from the DAPPs will be distributed proportionally to all holders in BNB through staking.
10% of the revenues from the DAPPs will be added as locked liquidity to PancakeSwap.
DEX and CEX wallets are excluded from tax/revenue distribution.
0 initial dev or team wallets.
🏷️ Contract Address: 0x660af593fdc6d44c76dbbbec2a6e792149238c2c
🍰 Pancakeswap:https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x660af593fdc6d44c76dbbbec2a6e792149238c2c
🔹 Renounced Ownership: https://bscscan.com/token/0x660af593fdc6d44c76dbbbec2a6e792149238c2c#readContract
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2021.10.16 20:48 Only_Equivalent4534 is there a particular day for players mk3 weapons with homing features, & arthur gear with gendarme or cataclysm that stay only in their base drop?

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2021.10.16 20:48 donbosco2017 The Flash's Costume Ring!

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2021.10.16 20:48 f1will Bulls on top. Imola is the best circuit IMO

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2021.10.16 20:48 AleisterTheMagician 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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2021.10.16 20:48 AlphaToadOfficial Started having the "Failed after 4 retries problem"

Any ideas to help? It all started today, which coincidentally is the first time I installed Toonhud, so idk if that has anything to do with it (I uninstalled it now), but I've tried the "+clientport 27006-27014" thing and it works for one game then goes back to being broken, forcing me to close and reopen tf2 every time I wanna queue up for casual. Help? Please?
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2021.10.16 20:48 cameraspeeding Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Beginning Review

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2021.10.16 20:48 br0nt0 [Seiko] Skx013 my daily diver!

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2021.10.16 20:48 PeachyLittleLemon 33F Is there a MNFH 30+? Lol I feel like it’s all teenagers here. 😂

INFP/enneagram 4’s want to chat, share music or something? Other topics: Drawing in procreate, Sci fi, podcasts, YouTube, animal facts, deconstructing/reconstructing faith, philosophy/religion/theology/Christianity. Chronic health issues. Ocd, mental health. Weight loss, obesity.
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2021.10.16 20:48 Lag_hater_not_hatter Underclocking GPU, better Mh/s

I'm not quite sure how mining operates but by limiting power draw to 53% and underclocking the cores and memory to -502 each on my 1660 super is getting 26 Mh/s instead of 25.1 Hh/s on average through cudo miner. Just some food for thought
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2021.10.16 20:48 creatingastorm Hydrogen infused water - seriously!

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2021.10.16 20:48 Snoopy220 New to Ozempic lots of questions! Help! 🥺

Hello I started Ozempic last week. I think I injected it wrong as I had no side effects OR appetite CONTROL. Started on the .25 folled step by step directions today. And AGAIN not feeling anything?!?! Is this accurate? How long does it take to “Feel” anything? Any advice is so greatly appreciated!
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2021.10.16 20:48 Process-Secret Came across this on 9gag. Geooorge!!!!

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