I was just forced to buy from an MLM!

2021.10.16 19:52 gregjamesnewman I was just forced to buy from an MLM!

I just got a puppy from a breeder. And you're supposed to ween the puppy off their existing food onto whatever you want to use. APPARENTLY The breeder is a rep for some sort of Dog food MLM. Which I didn't know what a thing. So basically I was forced to buy the food (which was severely overpriced) from one of her downlines. (not even her!) I bought a real small bag just to ween and that's it!
This doesn't feel ethical! I feel like I now need to buy something from a local real business owner to counteract the transaction. And I've basically ruined a self pledge to never support an MLM 😭
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2021.10.16 19:52 TriticumAestivum Komodos, Where Do You Usually Donate Your Money to?

I'm thinking of donating, is there any organization or institution that is trusted and recommended?
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2021.10.16 19:52 bluemangroup09 Register for major eBates Amazon discounts!

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2021.10.16 19:52 LegendaryGrandmaster Interested in installing Gentoo

Hi everyone, since few days I'm really getting tempted to try Gentoo. But before I could do that, I'd like to ask some questions.
1) Will Gentoo run nicely on my laptop?
2) Does Gentoo not like it if you install packages from another source, like software that isn't in the repos, for example
3) What should I be aware of before trying Gentoo other than the compiling time?
P.S. Any fellow web devs using Gentoo?
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2021.10.16 19:52 TheBoringCheese A big load of shit

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2021.10.16 19:52 Grinch983 Looking for 1 Active Member

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2021.10.16 19:52 BocobipbrookieBrad69 Good game folks,see y’all next vote!

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2021.10.16 19:52 Mathing123 Why can't I find a Girlfriend?

So how the title says I can't seem to even get a connection with a girl.
About me, I'm 18 years old, since a few weeks,~170-ish cm tall (5.6), good-looking about 7/10 and lots of other good qualities. But I never had a real realtionship. Why?
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2021.10.16 19:52 Gintoki1994RX The Evil Within 1 and 2 Theme

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2021.10.16 19:52 Remarkable-Fee-5831 Armusha hurts my soul

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2021.10.16 19:52 enrico_dev Virgin Cryptocurrency vs CHAD U.S. Federal Reserve System

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2021.10.16 19:52 MrSoapYT cursed_panda

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2021.10.16 19:52 saladenjoyer0 How do you say goodbye to someone?

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2021.10.16 19:52 nightsinlondon94 Emma Watson vs Barbara Palvin vs Ana de Armas vs Nina Dobrev

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2021.10.16 19:52 BabeBarefoot Fancy a snack? 🍽

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2021.10.16 19:52 CroNyx54_ 3060Ti I5 11400f with 500W PSU???

How is acer selling a prebuilt (acer nitro) that contains a 500W psu even tho the specs are I5 11400F, 3060Ti, 1Tb ssd, 2×8Gb 3200mhz ram? Is this thing going to explode ?
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2021.10.16 19:52 haiylybertraine I went to elementary school in Southlake, Texas: the town they talked about in the last After Dark.

Without getting too specific, it would’ve been like…25? years ago now. While I WAS taught about the Holocaust, I DID unfortunately have to participate in a civil war reenactment in the field in front of the school in which a bunch of little third graders ran around singing dixie and shooting each other with ketchup guns…i also had an animal science class elective in intermediate school where we fed rabbits to the albino python. Rosie was sweet though.
I moved away in middle school for the rest of my childhood and now as an adult I live and work back in Texas. However, I do NOT tell anyone I ever lived in Southlake. I stay as far away from that area as possible 😂 + peace and love, I love Ethan’s Western bit. It’s so fucking funny. Love this state, love most of the people, don’t get me wrong- but it’s gold.
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2021.10.16 19:52 IllustriousGarlic582 Pizza

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2021.10.16 19:52 im_2_thirsti How I felt earlier today

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2021.10.16 19:52 lilpotatochip222 private honest chanceme rice ed1 please!

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2021.10.16 19:52 Designer-Reporter-11 BCG digital ventures, Accenture or PwC?

I am a software engineer, which one should I choose?
BCG DV tops salary-wise with 10K difference annually from the second offer
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2021.10.16 19:52 runvus1 [WTB] A wearable silver bracelet

I’m looking for some different options for wearable silver. I have come to the conclusion that a bracelet will work best for me. Looking for some options so send them over with prices.
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2021.10.16 19:52 Abject_Bowler_4745 Good quality headphones

I want to get my brother good quality Bluetooth headphones. My brother is really into music, especially jazz. He has a wierd left ear that dosent let him wear those headphones that go into your ear and stuff. I'd really like to get him a really good pair of over the head headphones that let him listen to music and be able to single out the different instruments etc. The thing is I have no idea where to start. Any advice?
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2021.10.16 19:52 topolsek123 Sheeeeeeesh my Cap has so much Drip thanks to the Marvel Minifigure upgrade

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2021.10.16 19:52 Lunasea12 🌟PAAT LIFE READINGS🌟

Want to know who you were in your past life?
I will conduct a regression and tell you who you were. Your name.
I will provide a long reading that goes right from birth, through your whole past life and all the details right up until death.
These readings are very long, detailed and I also research what I find to back up what I have seen in the regression.
If you're interested in finding out who YOU were in your past life, message me today!
Readings are $25.50 or large and $1.50for smaller versions.
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