Help with my orchid. I repotted it yesterday after curring off all of its rotten roots (sadly it came to me like this) and waited until today to give it some fertilizer. What can I do? Where did I mess up?

2021.09.28 09:44 WhiteRabbit_2603 Help with my orchid. I repotted it yesterday after curring off all of its rotten roots (sadly it came to me like this) and waited until today to give it some fertilizer. What can I do? Where did I mess up?

Help with my orchid. I repotted it yesterday after curring off all of its rotten roots (sadly it came to me like this) and waited until today to give it some fertilizer. What can I do? Where did I mess up? submitted by WhiteRabbit_2603 to plantclinic [link] [comments]

2021.09.28 09:44 youyouhakusho Dictator shows Sagat why he is the boss

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2021.09.28 09:44 XTARofficial Innovative 7-in-1 Camera Battery Charger

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2021.09.28 09:44 mem0100u Elden Ring leaked 16 minute gameplay footage

Watch it here.
Use youtube-dl to grab it before it gets removed.
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2021.09.28 09:44 panosnik97 Ποσο κοστιζει να ζεις μονος σου; Μπορω να το κανω;

(Το κοντινοτερο ποστ που βρηκα ηταν 2 ετων οποτε αποφασισα να ρωτησω εκ νεου για βοηθεια και για συζητηση.) Ειμαι 24 χρονων και παλευω ακομα να βγαλω την σχολή. Για διαφορους λογους δεν εχω δουλεψει πολυ την αγορα εργασιας ωστοσο απο "χαρτζιλικια" και πρακτικες εχω καποια λεφτα στην ακρη. Για διαφορους (παλι) λογους αποφασισα πως δεν μπορω να μεινω αλλο στο πατρικο μου και πως εαν θελω να τελειωσω την σχολη μου και να κανω καποια στιγμη κανονικη ζωη πρεπει να παω να μεινω μονος μου (περιπου *wink**wink*). Θα ηθελα την βοηθεια όποιου γνωρίζει και ειναι πρόθυμος να βοηθήσει σχετικά με τα λεφτά που χρειαζεται καποιος (ανα μηνα) για να ζησει σε ενα σπιτι χωρις ενοικιο και μαλιστα με την δυνατοτητα να χωριζονται τα ρευματα/τηλεφωνα/φαγητο/whatever δία δύο.
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2021.09.28 09:44 Woe20XX Thoughts on LeBron in H2H points league?

Which round is the most appropriate for LeBron?
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2021.09.28 09:44 TheGodsfavouriteson Archana Vijaya - The IPL host

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2021.09.28 09:44 lemon894 4800mAh Battery Case for iPhone 13/13 Pro

hello, we need 10 reviews for product 【4800mAh Battery Case for iPhone 13/13 Pro】on Amazon.
Offer 100% discount, US only
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2021.09.28 09:44 H25azbxwyz Dalai Lama backs bid to save Edinburgh café he inspired

(Source: BBC )
Watch the video in our channel:

The Dalai Lama is backing efforts to save a Scottish café inspired by a promise a Tibetan woman made him almost 20 years ago.
Reka Gawa, 39, opened the Himalaya Café in Edinburgh after a chance meeting with the spiritual leader at the Scottish Parliament in 2004.
He asked her to stay in Scotland to promote their culture.
The landlord is now selling the café but Reka, who currently rents it, hopes to buy it to avoid closure.
Reka was brought up in Mussoorie in India and moved to Denmark when she was 13. When she was 22 she moved to Edinburgh and got a job at the Scottish Parliament.
"And one day he said did I know the Dalai Lama was coming later that day and would I like to meet him as he knew I was Tibetan."
She rushed home to put on her best traditional Tibetan dress, a blue chupa.
She said: "I was so excited and happy and nervous to meet him in person as I had only seen him in photographs and I called my parents in India to tell them.
"I waited for him in the lobby and then I could see him coming towards me and my heart was beating very fast, I was crying and tears were rolling down my face.
"Then suddenly he was standing next to me and he was holding my hands to comfort me because I was crying, they were tears of joy."
The spiritual leader asked her where she was from and how long she had been in Scotland.
She said: "He said he wanted to give me some advice that it was very important to promote the Tibetan culture.
"I promised him I would stay here in Scotland and that it would be my first priority. It was like a dream."
Reka decided she would find a way to open a Tibetan café in Edinburgh with a meditation room.
In 2006, she left her catering position at the Scottish Parliament, and she established Himalaya Café in South Clerk Street in 2007.
She said: "I was walking in Newington and I saw a 'to let' sign in the window. When the owner showed me inside I couldn't b(...)
Watch the video in our channel:
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2021.09.28 09:44 SayaMonkey I been a Mechanical Engineer for 3 years now and I need some advice

If you do not wanna read my boring story, head to brief section :).
My first two years, I worked as a site Mechanical Engineer. First year, I was working in the Fuel system. There were two new Jet A1 fuel pipes to be installed and my job was simply to supervise on the work by gathering all parties and allow a smooth work with no disturbance. I was not installing anything by myself but rather I was attending the work, observing how the labors are installing and make sure if they ever faced any issue, I do the necessarily calls. I had a good knowledge as what tests are to be done and what type of welding such that happens on the field.
My next year was I worked in the fire fighting pipes installation area. I had to supervise as well on group of labors to install fire fighting pipes, do the required testing etc.
my third year and still working on same field, is the testing & Commissioning Engineer. I have to this, this without doubt is the most boring type of work. Because I only attend tests which rarely happens and most of the time I am just sitting at office and doing nothing or just signing some papers without doing anything. I have 8 hours and most of the time only 1 hour of work is done and rest I just sit. It is true, in my previous works I wasn't doing anything by hand but at least I would observe how the work was done and I had a knowledge about it and in the future I would be able to provide information for anyone on how to get the job done.
So I want to know, what are good sources that I can learn from while I am sitting at my office? What should I do? Good courses to take online? things I should study for? Anything that will help my career.
Before anyone say why I switched, it is because, the moment I was hired, all these construction works were done and they transferred me to the Testing & Commissioning department. If it is in my hands, I would go back to construction area.

In brief:
My job is boring and I have nothing to do and I want some advice of what resources, sites, courses I should take, study from.

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2021.09.28 09:44 Thor_Smith 10% off on Binance fees to trade crypto currencies, spof and futures with new September 2021 promo code:

Use this code to trade on Binance with Discounted fees:
10% off on Binance fees for traded crypto with new September 2021 promo code:
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2021.09.28 09:44 TanukiNinja Understanding the Power Curve Landing a Big Fish with Tenkara.

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2021.09.28 09:44 Bernard_Hunor_Deak The most famous of the Moon rocks recovered, the Genesis Rock, returned from Apollo 15.

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2021.09.28 09:44 vegasbm Northern leader : Southern leaders cannot be a president in Nigeria we rule the country.

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2021.09.28 09:44 MobileMotivation Jocko - No Fear of Death

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2021.09.28 09:44 menimex Chore simulator 2021 or something more?

Made the mistake of watching some videos that makes me feel like this game goes hard on chores with like 90% of the "content" just being some form of crafting or being crafting related. Is there more to the game or is that basically what it's all about? Go, harvest, hunt, collect, slay, skin, sell, craft, repeat?
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2021.09.28 09:44 Mahi644 Want to know what is dApp?

Want to know what is dApp? submitted by Mahi644 to Brickken [link] [comments]

2021.09.28 09:44 DanielHasenbos The City of Arakesh

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2021.09.28 09:44 _scrapegoat_ Are there some influencers who take a chunk of the NFTs minted as fee to promote the project?

Considering that not everyone has the money to pay exorbitant prices to Twitter influencers to just retweet a project, are there few influencers who accept NFTs as the payment? Would be really helpful for new artists just getting into the NFT space :)
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2021.09.28 09:44 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 09:44 Sleeptillforever Need Advice

(For context, I have Borderline Personality Disorder and severe Anxiety. I am also recovering from Depression and I have recovered from Anorexia)
I’m very lost and confused. I am feeling depressed but unlike the other times I have been in a depressive episode I am not as bedridden. I can still do things.
I am sometimes sleeping in quite late but I can easily convince myself to get into the shower. That was not the case when I was depressed in the past.
I’m able to leave the house without much trouble if I have somewhere to be at a certain time, or am invited somewhere. That wasn’t the case in the past either.
I have a boyfriend who I have been dating for 4 months now. I love him a lot. The interesting thing is… Being around someone who is not mentally ill has made me realise how different things are for me.
My boyfriend socialises and sees his large group of friends often. On the other hand, I feel that I have unintentionally distanced myself from my few friends recently. I don’t feel connected at all.
Earlier this year I was in a great place mentally and I was enjoying my hobbies. I spent a lot of time doing art, listening to music, going for walks in nature. I’ve realised that I don’t do any of this anymore. I feel like my attention span has decreased and everything feels like a waste of my time. I usually experience this in a depressive episode.
Lastly, I am beginning to have dark thoughts again. I’m not acting on them but they are definitely there. Thoughts of wanting to harm myself for example. I am struggling to feel that I deserve to look after myself because I believe I am not a good person. As a result of this I have also lost some weight recently. This is not related to my previous ED though. It’s more like I’m too lazy to prepare myself proper food so I will eat meals that aren’t exactly nutritious. I also believe the weight loss is caused by the fact that I’ve been smoking a lot of cigarettes and also weed.
My therapist thinks I am doing really well. I feel that I am holding back quite a bit in my sessions with her in the last few months especially (AKA since things have gone down hill again). She has told me that she feels I am holding back information about what’s going on. She pointed out my weight loss and asked if I was smoking cigarettes or doing drugs… I told her I wasn’t doing either. I don’t know why I lie about those things. I think I don’t like to make her worry because in the past my honesty has resulted in therapists admitting me to the psych ward or straight up telling me that I was lying or exaggerating.
So my question is, do I need to admit to her that I am depressed again? Am I even depressed? I don’t feel the way I felt when I was depressed all of the other times. To make things worse, she has been my therapist for 3 or so years, but since I am 18 now I won’t be seeing her much longer. That makes me wonder what’s the point of opening up to her if we won’t be continuing our sessions much longer.
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2021.09.28 09:44 Equal_Snow_3790 Join Us Live On Our Private sale,.. Don't Miss Out On This Great Nft Project With Vision And Utility | Asteroid Belt Nft!!

Private sale is live don't miss out.. We can do it together
twice that of Pluto's moon Charon.
The asteroid belt is the smallest and innermost known circumstellar disc in the Solar System. About half its mass is contained in the four largest
asteroids: Ceres, Vesta, Pallas, and Hygiea.
The total mass of the asteroid belt is approximately 4% that of the Moon. Ceres, the only object in the asteroid belt large enough to be a dwarf planet, is about 950 km in diameter, whereas Vesta, Pallas, and Hygiea have mean diameters of less than 600 km.The remaining bodies range down to the size of a dust particle. The asteroid material is so thinly distributed that numerous unmanned spacecraft have traversed it without inident.
Nonetheless, collisions between large asteroids do occur, and these can produce an asteroid family whose members have similar orbital characteristics and compositions. Individual asteroids within the asteroid belt are categorized by their spectra, with most falling into three basic groups: carbonaceous (C-type), silicate (S-type), and metal-rich (M-type).
The asteroid belt formed from the primordial solar nebula as a group of planetesimals.Planetesimals are the smaller precursors of the protoplanets. Between Mars and Jupiter, however, gravitational perturbations from Jupiter imbued the protoplanets with too much orbital energy for them to accrete into a planet. Collisions became too violent, and instead of fusing together, the planetesimals and most of the protoplanets shattered. As a result, 99.9% of the asteroid belt's original mass was lost in the first 100 million years of the Solar System's history.some fragments eventually found their way into the inner Solar System, leading to meteorite impacts with the inner planets.
Asteroid orbits continue to be appreciably perturbed whenever their period of revolution about the Sun forms an orbital resonance with Jupiter. At these orbital distances, a Kirkwood gap occurs as they are swept into other orbits.
Classes of small Solar System bodies in other regions are the near-Earth objects, the centaurs, the Kuiper belt objects, the scattered disc objects, the sednoids, and the Oort cloud objects. On 22 January 2014, ESA scientists reported the detection, for the first definitive time, of water vapor on Ceres, the largest object in the asteroid belt. The detection was made by using the far-infrared abilities of the Herschel Space Observatory.The finding was unexpected because comets, not asteroids, are typically considered to "sprout jets and plumes". According to one of the scientists, "The lines are becoming more and more blurred between comets and asteroids"..
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2021.09.28 09:44 Significant-Egg-6074 Some dark humour for y'all

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2021.09.28 09:44 cobalt4d what's the episode where chris rated the harry potter movies?

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2021.09.28 09:44 westbm 7 years or regular microdosing of LSD in the books. Ask me anything!

text goes here.
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