Procuro Roleplay

2021.09.28 09:03 Specialist-Ant-8752 Procuro Roleplay

Procuro alguém interessado em fazer roleplay comigo, minha plataforma é o Discord e meu estilo de Roleplay é longo, me interesso por qualquer tema, mas caso você não for do tipo que curte muitas linhas não tem problema. Sei bem desenvolver um enredo e personagens, crio mapas e descrições, sou muito literário mas não sou mesquinho quanto à isso, pretendo criar um ambiente e um desenrolar bacana e agradável aos dois lados. (pretendo seguir carreira e escrever um livro um dia, então isso aqui é tipo um treino pra mim kkkk) interessados comenta ae
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2021.09.28 09:03 Johnnyorbit @stassiebaby

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2021.09.28 09:03 Narchoid AOC been cringe lately

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2021.09.28 09:03 Someguycalledfalsie I call dibs on Michael Zaki none of the rest of you get the game.

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2021.09.28 09:03 hen_henrique91 Pt 1 - DIY Hifi rack for my system I built for my Yr 9 metalwork class. Frame complete, just got to build to wood levels.

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2021.09.28 09:03 strwht12 Since WatchOS 8 I have to run 150m more (to reach 5km)

Hi guys,

normally I run 10km. Since I am on WatchOS8 I have to run ~150m more to reach 5km, where I run back.
According to Google Maps, now it is correct. Anyone else noticed this?

Btw, I only did an update, not a new fresh install.
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2021.09.28 09:03 TeeEm_27 The Irish take over Germany, and the randomiser removed San Marino. 3 territories remain.

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2021.09.28 09:03 Newbie2Shoes Youngster development

I've read on multiple sites that it's better to keep youngsters in the youth development setup until they're 18 rather than sending them on loans to get playing time or placing them in the first team? Does this make any sense? I've noticed that when youngsters are developing in my youth setup there is an "ability cap" from which they don't develop anymore. This continues until they're 18 and I either play them myself or I send them on a loan to get playing time. Then they start to develop again.
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2021.09.28 09:03 AisarG Why do you like crypto?

Yeah, we all know the potential crypto has regarding of making money, but I’m not here only because of money.
I really like the idea behind the crypto world. The ability to globalize money. The ability to send and receive money without the limits, controls and burocratics. The ability to escape from corrupted governments. I think it’s incredible.
I’m from Venezuela, and crypto has been an escape for me. I can use money that is accepted globally. I can use money that is not devaluated over time (yeah, I know the price can decrease, but you know what I mean). I think crypto has changed my life.
And you? Why do you like crypto?
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2021.09.28 09:03 Eples Assetto Corsa - 90s Touge Police Happogahara (八方ヶ原)

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2021.09.28 09:03 youngkizzee Short video 'review' I did on the indie FPS Sector’s Edge

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2021.09.28 09:03 idiot_frog I've joked about wanting to be skinny, but I didn't want this

I've been always on the overweight side of the BMI scale since birth. I always got shamed for my weight and food and exercise from classmates, doctors, and family despite me being a pretty healthy and active person. I weighed about 198lbs at my max (I'm 5'8.5" AFAB). This was because I was put on a medication that made me gain over 15lbs despite barely eating. I got pulled off of that medication due to my daily vomiting, which has been happening for half a year. I kept joking that like lmao this really sucks but at least I'll be skinny right? And I did have an initial weight drop, I dropped down to 180ish lbs. Then it slowly continued down, my lowest was 168lbs. I don't have access to a scale right now, but I think I'm dripping weight again. I'm struggling to eat or hold down food due to nausea and stomach pain, and my clothes are getting looser. I recently had a dietician appointment and they said I may need a feeding tube soon. Seeing my clothes becoming looser right after hearing that news is terrifying. I was joking to try and make light of my situation, but if I knew I would lose weight like this, I don't think I would have ever joked about it.
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2021.09.28 09:03 Spitzem Anni Steven team building suggestions?

Anni Steven team building suggestions? I tried to find some posts about some suggested pairs to use with A.Steven but all I could find was topics about how bad he is, how he's not worth pulling for, etc which yes i know but he's one of my faves and i only just got him and I'm thrilled ANYWAY I'm trying to make a team for him without doubling up on other units ive been using and I'm looking for some feedback, here's some of the units im considering:
Skyla (Holiday 2020) and Togekiss: I think her trainer move provides a lot of buffs which will work well for steven, She's also got theme skills for both Seasonal outfit and flying type.
Xerneas and Sycamore: I'm thinking he might be one of my best options as the support/tank for the buffs from the sync move, even though steven can already buff the stats he provides himself, just slower.
SS Leon and eternatus: Since this will mainly be for dragon type CS I probably will be using Leon in this team
Leaf & Eevee: basically for the sync buffs
Hilbert and Samurott: He provies lots of buffs in a short period but If he is my tank i don't really have any healing options.
Phoebe and Dusknoir: I don't really know any Hoenn units that would work well with Steven which is a bit of a shame since I won't be able to take advantage of the Master Hoenn passive. I could use Phoebe as the tank instead but like Hilbert I won't have many healing options.
Other units i'm currently not using but could be viable and ready to go: SS Leaf, Dawn & Alcremie, Dawn & Torterra
i've also provided my top 8 teams that i've made, all of which i dont REALLY want to change much, unless I swap the tanks around a bit (The tank in each team is always on the right), but so far they're all working quite well so i'm just trying to figure out who else i could use.
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2021.09.28 09:03 Pulse_Of_Me Was a fun build until I got to the Cape, that thing killed my soul trying to build it

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2021.09.28 09:03 Godderum It’s just pains me to know this .. what this link: why couldn’t we do the same???

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2021.09.28 09:03 bigbear4our Girlfriend gets defensive/upset anytime I tell her she's doing something objectively incorrectly. Someone from her POV?

How do I tell her to do things the right way without "offending" or triggering her defense mechanisms? I always avoid attacking her or saying things rudely. I don't know why she reacts this way. Especially confused when she reacts this way when I come at her in a casual manner. I have also called her out on it several times. It makes me feel like and asshole and is recently started to irritate me because I don't want to feel like an asshole who attacks my SO for doing things wrong. I'd just like to communicate how something should go if they aren't going right or working out.
If someone has been in her position, I'd like to hear why and how you talked this out with your significant other. Thanks.
Example: I showed her a video on how to give at home massage because she always is too soft when trying to relieve my back muscles. She got offended "are you really showing me this? I think I give good massages".
Earlier we were painting our house and I told her we should do thinner coats so we could let it dry faster and maybe save paint. She got defensive and began giving excuses why she was doing it the way she was and got her feelings visibly hurt by me telling her how it should be done.
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2021.09.28 09:03 prawnbiryani 💗☁🍦🌸🧁🤍🦩

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2021.09.28 09:03 SatsumaFS "Cannot provide a secure connection"

I use Opera, and haven't been able to get on the site. I just get the message in the title. I've tried clearing my cookies and everything too, didn't work. Was wondering if there's a fix. Thanks.
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2021.09.28 09:03 Starsucks_1001 2 years of experience says it all

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2021.09.28 09:03 mui- csgo keeps crashing... pls help, (any help is appreciated)

What I've done to try to fix so far:

  1. Use the cl_disablehtmlmotd 1 launch option
  2. Update your graphics drivers.
  3. Stop overclocking.
  4. Use a reduced settings profile for graphics related features.
  5. Verify the game file 34 times.
  6. reinstall 9 times
  7. Turn off compatibility mode
  8. Delete csgo.exe and re-verify the game
  9. Use the –autoconfig launch option
  10. raise the priority of the game
some of these things ive done multiple times.
pc specs:
rx5700 (overclocked)
R5 5600x
32GB 3000mhz
850psu if that matters... i have csgo on my 1tb ssd, there is more than enough room left...
im trying to give all information possible... the only thing left that i can think of is a crash log. but if you think any other information that im not stating is needed please ask and i can tell you! thanks again for reading and helping.
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2021.09.28 09:03 theLiquidmenace Gamers of reddit, what upcoming game are you most excited for?

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2021.09.28 09:03 H25azbxwyz North Dakota's 'Flying Farmer' wrecks car during daredevil jump

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2021.09.28 09:03 KerfuffleBird Multi-Output missing from MPC plugin in Logic Pro X

Any time I load up MPC as a plugin in Logic I can't select a 16-out option! Have updated MPC and restarted Logic a couple times - any advice?
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2021.09.28 09:03 GTSBot [GTS] Nintendo Switch Starter Base

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